Eduardo Beattie


I'm Eduardo Beattie,

a freelance software developer with four years of professional experience based in Madrid, Spain. I specialise in web programming, and mainly develop bots, scrapers, integrations, and backends with Python.

I can help you design and implement solutions for your web projects.

With Edu's architecture, we were able to scale up our startup to achieve profitability without any database issues.
Josh Phifer, CEO, Barn Owl Tech Inc.
One of the best developers I have ever worked with and the only developer I have found on Reddit that was worth their asking price.
Chris Wiggins, CEO, Clear SEM Solutions LLC


The main technologies that I have the most knowledge in are:

Python logo
Python 3
Django logo
Flask logo
Unity3D icon
Database icon

MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite

AWS logo
Amazon Web Services

EC2, Lambda, S3

Google Cloud icon
Google Cloud

Compute Engine and Cloud SQL

I also have some exprience with front-end technologies.



Backend-heavy websites and APIs

Offer websites and APIs that handle complex data and interface with external services to provide SaaS products. Run web-based platforms to manage real-world entities.

Online bots

Achieve a permanent online presence on social media or messaging platforms, or react to events as they unfold 24/7. Automate repetitive tasks to save time and reduce mistakes.

Web scraping

Obtain datasets of online information to analyse, correlate with other datasets or use for marketing. Periodic scrapes can give you insight on how data varies from one day to another, or help you be the first to act when opportunities arise.

Web systems integration

Move your data to where it needs to go and make your devices talk to one another. Have your different platforms and systems communicate and interact to provide a unified service.


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